Giraffe A-Fair!

The BF was here again this weekend. After making him work all last weekend on the guest bathroom redecoration, I owed him a more leisure, relaxing fun weekend. We started our morning with breakfast on the porch.

These two little balls of love and joy anxiously waited for all the food prep to be done (because they get scrambled eggs every  morning with us during the week, before work, and eggs and bacon on the weekends. Spoiled much?). I joked that they were waiting for us to bring them breakfast in bed.


After breakfast, it was off to the Altamont Fair (about 30 minutes away) to meet the two giraffes hanging out there, Twigs & Melman.

This is Twigs, a gentle giant.


This is Melman, his tent-mate.


This is me feeding carrots to Melman  (of course, I fed Twigs, too! What kind of a heartless beast do you think I am?)



Both gentle, absolutely beautiful animals! It was a real thrill to meet more giraffes, especially so close to home. We did get to see one other giraffe, but he was not as lively or friendly as Twigs or Melman:


We spent an hour and a half at the fair, visiting the exhibits and seeing the other animals (camels and goats and horses, oh my!) before heading home. The weather was fantastic and it was a great day for a drive. Kudos to the small-town fair for their excellent organization and layout, making the visit joyful and easy.

Shortly after arriving home, the mailman showed up at or door with these:


They’re the first three volumes of the trade paper back collection of the ‘Totally Awesome Hulk” comic book series (featuring a younger, Korean-American man [Amadeus Cho] as the title character, who has acquired the powers of the original Hulk, who is currently dead – don’t ask.) and I blame this guy for suckering me into getting them with all his references to it on his blog. (Truth be told, this character is also in another book I read and love – “The Champions ” (Volume 2) – and I enjoy the character in that series so figured I’d check him out in his own series.)

Anyhoo, it was a lovely day, and a much needed break from house projects and health issues.


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4 Responses to Giraffe A-Fair!

  1. javabear says:

    Yay! More giraffes!

  2. I think the living room looks really great. The dogs are a perfect pair on their beds!

  3. I love how you have redecorated the living room. and why not breakfast in bed for the puppies? lucky you go get upcloseandpersonal with 2 giraffes!

  4. Ravager619 says:

    I take full credit for Amadeus Cho! I’m going to have to buy all three of those trade paperbacks since I started with Issue #19 and the Weapon X crossover.

    I’m glad you got to see and feed some giraffes, and I LOVE the living room.

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