Sassybear Goes Shopping

I had my MRI appointment this morning at 8:30. I didn’t have to go back to work after, so Jeffrey took the day off and went with me. He knows how stressful going to all these appointments are for me, and I’ve been going to all of them alone, so he thought it might make things less stressful for me if he drove me and hung out while I was getting “boom-tubed” (sorry..comic book reference.)

We were out of there in just under 2 hours. The weather was beautiful so, despite my being quite tired from not getting much sleep last night, and the MRI, we decided to run some errands and get some things crossed off our “to-do” check list.

First up, I needed new brown dress loafers for work:


Next, we needed some new king size pillows for our bed. It’s amazing how long we’ve slept on the flattened, crappy ones we had as of this morning:


Next up, I needed a new watch band and battery for my Green Lantern watch, that I got for Christmas this past year. The watch came with a glow in the dark rubber wrist band, which was too uncomfortable to wear, and looked a bit tacky, so I wanted to replace it with a nicer looking black leather band. Also, the battery had died since I last wore it. New band and battery obtained and now I can start wearing it again. Woo-Hoo.




That was all I had on my “need list” but, of course,  what’s shopping without a few impulse buys, such as…

…Trombone sheet music books with CD accompaniment (because it’s always more fun to play with a band)…


…Giraffe book ends for the soon to be ex-Green lantern Room redecorated Giraffe Room…


…and, finally, some ginger candy, spotted at the checkout line. (Ginger is really good for, among other things, digestion, as it has anti-inflammatory qualities.)


We made it home not too late in the afternoon, and rested a bit before tackling a couple small projects, which used up the last of my energy.

I’m petered out for the night and enjoying a cup of hot Fennel tea (also good for the gut) before turning in early to (try to) catch up on some sleep before work tomorrow.

Here’s hoping.

5 thoughts on “Sassybear Goes Shopping

  1. Yay! I’m glad to see someone else do a little shopping out here in the blogiverse. I really like the GL watch. I need to get a Harley or Deadpool watch one of these days.


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