Bedrise Buddy

Every morning, when I awaken prematurely, unable to fall back to sleep (this morning at 3:00am,) and head out to the living room, accepting my sleepless fate, this little guy happily, sleepily, follows trotting behind. As it’s too early for me to be rustling about the house, lest I wake the still slumbering husband or less-interested-in-waking-to-be-my-dawn-doggie-companion other 4 pawed child, I usually lie on the couch and read. Harvey takes his spot on top of the blanket and, with an exaggerated, adorable yawn, curls up and goes back to sleep. I enjoy his cuddling companionship in the quiet stillness while I read.

This morning, I have the last of the barrage of medical tests (MRI with and without contrast). Once these results are in, we decide the best way to move forward. Here’s the current list of bodily badness we’ve discovered, so far:

Kidney Stone – This means I will probably keep getting them (I had two last year that I had to have surgically removed. I was taking prescription drugs and otc supplements to prevent more stones developing. Obviously, that didn’t work.)

Intestinal Inflammation – this may mean Remicade isn’t working. 

Intestinal Strictures – may mean more surgery. 

Gastroparesis – will require continued dietary restrictions, may mean prescription meds, too. Don’t know how severe it is or will get. 

Unusual density in my right hip – has my GI “concerned” but will require follow-up with my PCP for evaluation. 

I’m eating a bit more, lately, but still skipping meals regularly and sticking to primarily liquids and soft foods. Energy levels ebb and flow, concentration is shot, guts gurgle and growl and react to everything and, of course, sleep disruption is ongoing.
I look forward to getting past the testing phase and moving to the treatment phase.

Until then, I’ll enjoy my early morning moments of cuddle with Harvey.

6 thoughts on “Bedrise Buddy

  1. I sympathize with you on the kidney stones. I’m losing count but so far I’ve had six Emergency Room visits and three surgeries for my kidney stones. And they keep on on coming. My big worry is I will have a kidney stone attack during our six hour flight to LA or back to Philly. That for sure would be a You Tube Moment as they drag me off the plane screaming and writhing in unbearable “I just want to die” pain.


  2. What a cute picture of your dog. My dog also follows me around where ever I go in the house. He is always by my side. He is definitely a comfort. Good luck with your medical tests today. I hope all goes well. I had a kidney stone in May and I thought the pain was going to kill me.


  3. Hang in there. I hope they figure out what’s going on so you can get back to getting a full night’s rest and feel better soon. Harvey is sooo cute, too!


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