My weekend in Pictures

This is our upstairs guest  bathroom re-do. It used to be blue and red, with wall-to-wall superman paraphernalia  but, shockingly, I do not have a picture of that.


Most of my non-paint related work was done using my “Tools For Her” kit. Go “Female Prowess” inspired tools:


We bought and hung two pictures to finish off our Pavilion re-do:


I received, in the mail, from an eBay auction I won, one of the last 3 issues I needed to complete my run of the original “Defenders” series, which ran for 153 issues:


After putting the bathroom (and house) back together, I donned my new T-Shirt (that Jim picked up for me while he was in P-Town recently):


…and headed out to run a few errands, including a stop by my local comic shop, Earthworld:


… to pick up my weekly stash (Defenders, Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps, Hulk, Justice League/Power Rangers, New Super-Man, Red Hood & The Outlaws, Supergirl, Titans):


Then we came home to relax for a bit, with the pups:


…before making dinner. Jeffrey grilled chicken and sausages and made some mashed cauliflower while I made some Gluten Free Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble for work tomorrow:


…and Gluten Free Tapioca for us for dessert:


As a bonus, here’s a fun panel from “The Silver Age Supergirl” Trade Paperback, Volume 1, that I’m reading, which I enjoyed muchly, since I’m (slowly) trying to learn to knit:




7 thoughts on “My weekend in Pictures

  1. I love what you did with the bathroom and patio. I wish I could hang out there with a drink right about now.

    I hated dropping New Super-Man and Supergirl a few months back when I was saving up for moving. Now that Deathstroke is a monthly comic, I may add them back on soon and buy the missing issues so I can catch up. I hope you enjoyed Titans. I think the Roy/Wally/Donna love triangle is going to get very interesting soon.


    • I was collecting almost 60 titles a month but that was WAY too much, so I started cancelling titles left and right and am now down to 29 books (with another 5 slated for the chopping block.) I had planned to drop Supergirl this month (I HATED the artist Brian Ching) but they changed to an Artist I like (Robson Rocha) and this is a potential lead in to a new Legion of Superheroes return (I’m a huge LOSH fan) so I decided to keep it around for awhile.

      I love the Titans and have since they were “Teen” from their original series. While the art and story has ebbed and flowed over their many incarnations, I’m glad to have something closer to the original team back. While I like their family type dynamic, I hope they don’t overly focus on just the romantic ties. These people all grew up together and there are lots of family dynamics going on.


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