In an effort to counteract the waking-in-the-wee-hours-of-the-Morning side effects of the Prednisone I’m taking, I took some Unisom last night. I’ve taken Unisom before. It has unpredictable effects on me. 
Sometimes it doesn’t work at all, sometimes it seems to wake me up more, sometimes it makes me jittery, sometimes it has no effect, and sometimes I wake up feeling a bit discombobulated for a while until it’s effects wear off. 
That last one is how I feel this morning. I got dressed this morning, and got ready to walk out of my bathroom, when I realized I was only wearing a shirt underwear socks and shoes.
I let the dogs out for their first pee of the morning, then realized I only let them out onto the back porch, and not actually out to the yard.
I slid the Keurig back against the wall, after I brewed our cups of coffee, (there is not enough room under our cabinets for the Keurig to open all the way) and instead of putting the creamer back in the fridge, I placed it under where the coffee cups goes on the Keurig instead of back in the fridge.
I tried to drink a cup of coffee and spilled it all over the shirt I had just put on.
As I was leaving the house to head to work, Jeffrey reminded me to do a “Wonder Woman check.” (A Wonder Woman check is in reference to the original season of Wonder Woman, when Linda Carter would, after spinning around to change into her Wonder Woman outfit, check her tiara, belt, and lasso to make sure everything was there.) This is something he does before I leave the house or a restaurant, to remind me to check for wallet, phone, keys and sunglasses. As I affirmed I had all I needed, he jokingly threw in “Is your zipper up?” 
Sure enough, it wasn’t. 
I think it’s time to admit it: Unisom + me is a recipe for disaster. 

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6 Responses to U-NO-som

  1. wcs says:

    Wallet, watch, spectacles, testicles. Always wise to check.

  2. Urspo says:

    get your doctor give you a proper sleeping pill.

  3. Ravager619 says:

    Oh my! I remember doing some of those things while shaking off the ZzzQuil effect during the first few hours of my day, including my first hour of work. It is not fun. I would go nuts checking once, twice and sometimes three times if I did something I was supposed to do.

    I like that Wonder Woman check. I need to do that no matter how I’m feeling.

    BTW here’s another Wonder Woman check — the movie is available for preorder. Digital orders are available for download on the 29th, and Blu-Ray is available about two weeks later.

  4. go to work with no pants on – makes for an interesting day.
    I think I will try the “wonder woman check” on todd; he always seems to forget something.

  5. Not a great way to start the morning! I use zzzquill. It is in liquid form and I can control the dosage. If I need to take it, I will only take up to 1/2 of a dose, and I sleep well. I am still a bit groggy in the morning, but it wears off quickly. Good thing Jeffrey did the Wonder Woman check!

  6. WayNorth says:

    You could just buy generic diphenhydramine much cheaper and use a smaller dose like 25mg. or give melatonin a shot since it naturally is produced by the body. I get a hangover effect form diphenhydramine and stay away from it unless I am off the next day….

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