Testing! Testing! 1,2,3,4…Testing.

This is where I had breakfast yesterday:

It was the 4th in a series of 5 Tests my doctor ordered to determine what’s going on with my digestive system, which has not been functioning right since March of this year.

On July 5th, I had an Ultrasound of my kidneys, gallbladder, and intestines. Everything looked fine.

On July 12th, I had a HIDA Scan (I was injected with radioactive material, and they traced its passage into my kidneys and gallbladder.) Everything looked fine.

On July 27th, I had a CAT Scan that revealed a lot – none of it good. As a result of this test, I was placed on Prednisone. While this “wonder drug” has helped and given me back some semblance of normal energy levels and reduced some of my gut discomfort, it has disrupted my sleep patterns and is not the kind of stuff I want to be on, long term.

Yesterday, I had a Gastric Emptying Exam. I had to eat a  cup of egg substitute mixed with more radioactive material, 2 pieces of toast (I got the heads up to bring gluten free bread. Whew!) and a glass of water. Every hour, for four hours, they took a one minute scan to see how fast the food was emptying from my stomach. I won’t have results for a few days.

Me waiting for my nuclear breakfast to be served (hoping all this radiation in my system results in super powers – I should have had them put it in a spider and then let the spider bite me):

I have one more exam (so far) scheduled for August 9th – an MRI of my intestines. (FYI: “Intestines” always means my small intestines – my large intestines & colon were removed in 2000 due to severe Ulcerative Colitis that we could not get under control.)

Once all the results are in, I meet with my Gastroenterologist and my Primary Care Physician to decide what treatment is required to get things working right again.

Answers are often a catch-22. On one hand, it will be good to know what’s going on and how to treat it. On the other, it means facing (possibly) more surgery, medicines, side effects, time lost from work, recovery, etc. etc. I’ve been trying my best not to speculate or worry, and stay focused on (distracted by) things I can control, like house projects and baking/cooking:

A little facelift to our patio, with help from the BF, Jim:

Ingredients for a loaf of Gluten Free Bread I baked this past weekend:

My bread machine, which does the bulk of the work:

My first attempt at making Gluten Free Macaroni Salad. (It came out pretty good):

Boiling Eggs for deviled eggs, admittedly, the least adventurous cooking endeavor of the three:

A Gluten free appetizer tray I put together this past weekend (we had a friend over for dinner for the first time in a loooong time) consisting of deviled eggs, Yellow cherry tomatoes dipped in balsamic vinaigrette, Sharp Cheddar Cheese, and my recently discovered now favorite pickles – Ba-Tampte Garlic Dill Pickles:


Finally, we’re currently having 3 house doors replaced and two storm doors installed. It started this past Monday and will (hopefully) be finished by Thursday of this week. The timing of this added stress may not have been great, but it’s when our contractor was available to do it, and we really wanted the doors replaced before winter hits.  The ones that came with the house (aside from being ugly, lacking privacy due to large windows, and one that was not functional) were not well sealed and allowed heat to exit our house at an alarming rate.

So that’s what’s going on in the world of Idle Eyes.

Be well. Stay well.

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17 Responses to Testing! Testing! 1,2,3,4…Testing.

  1. Patio looks great and you are as handsome as ever!

  2. Urspo says:

    Even in illness you are fabulous; you are like the rocks at Stonehenge nothing knocks you down.

  3. javabear says:

    Best wishes, or best of luck, or the best kind of goodness with results from the tests and plans to combat the issues. I worry about your health.

    Those distractions look delicious and/or beautiful.

  4. Mark in DE says:

    Occupying yourself with positive things (cooking, baking, projects) is a good way to reduce stress and worry over your tests. The patio looks really nice and the pickles sound yummy. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the update. Sorry that you are still trying to find out what is wrong. I have asthma and I am put on prednisone every once in awhile when I have a flare up, and I hate the side effects. Your patio looks great.

  6. wcs says:

    Always nice to hear what’s going on, except for the yucky health issues. Hope they get resolved soon! Little house projects, I find, are often more satisfying than the big ones. They eliminate those little pains in the butt that you’ve been living with and being annoyed by for years, but never seemed worth the effort to tackle. Until you’ve done it. I always end up why I put them off for so long! 🙂

  7. Ravager619 says:

    Good luck with the test. I hope they not only find out what’s going on, but can cure it.

    I love what you did with the patio! When I went to look at houses a few weeks back, the first thing I thought of was putting a barbecue grill just outside the rear patio, putting seatting for four underneath it, and also a fan or two overhead.

    I’m also glad you’re getting the doors done now before winter comes. You have to show us what colors your painting them too!

  8. Best of luck with the tests! The green patio looks calm and inviting 🙂

  9. Steven says:

    Good luck with the test! The patio makeover looks great! I bet the lighting provides a nice ambiance during the evening hours.

  10. you will see a difference in your heat bill with those replacement doors. and you patio looks so inviting for a BBQ. stay strong, dear sassy; the puppies will help you.

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