Cream of the crop!

Some of you may recognize this brand of peanut butter. Spo Reflections recently posted about it.

Since I am now trying to eat some peanut butter every day to help get more protein, I decided to give this brand a whirl, because I liked the idea that it was just peanuts and oil.  Rather than drive all over to different local grocery stores and try and find it, I just ordered some from Amazon.   I opted for the creamy, as opposed to crunchy, since whole and partial nuts are hard for me to digest.  It actually arrived about a week ago, but I’m just now posting my review.

The verdict: I love it. As Spo mentioned in his post, it is not as sweet as namebrand peanut butters, but that’s fine for me. My sweet tooth has slowly deteriorated over time, and I find myself preferring less sweet Products most of the time.  I love the consistency, the flavor, and the knowledge that I’m just eating peanuts and oil. I anticipate this bring a staple in my household, from now on.

Thanks for the heads up, Spo!

6 thoughts on “Cream of the crop!

  1. I know what you mean! Java prefers the Smuckers version, which is nothing but ground peanuts and a tiny bit of salt. The oil separates as it sits on the grocery shelf, and Java pours off most of it before mixing it up. Now THAT is a dense product! As you mention, it’s not sweet, but then who said peanut butter should be sweet? That’s just marketing to kids, training them to maintain their addiction to sugar. The all-natural stuff is better.


  2. I don’t know if they still make it, but I remember a long, long time ago Planters had this Mr. Peanut that you could use to make your own peanut butter. I’m wondering if it’s possible to still do that? And if so, how long could you store it for?


  3. Me, I just ordered green dried Arabica coffee beans. I’m gonna roast it myself since I saw this video that says roasted coffee is pretty much only good for about a week after roasting. So getting them green and roasting means I get freshest coffee. I posted the article in my blog with the video attached. The presenter says we’re all drinking stale coffee. Imagine.


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