The week ahead

The BFF was here this weekend and, besides helping me put this puzzle together…

…he brought his sewing machine and converted a pair of longer curtains to smaller, fitted door curtains for our front and garage door to match the curtains in our living room. So cool. They look fabulous. I wish I had the ability to sew, or sing, or play the piano, or dance, or act, or fix cars, or cook, or build furniture, or rewire electricity, or any useful life skill at all, besides being able to microwave things and remember lines from old sitcoms. Sigh.

This morning, thanks to cooler temps, we were able to enjoy coffee on the back, screened-in porch, although none of us seemed to bask as happily in the temperature as these two:

Note who claimed the largest seat for themselves.

The hubby left this afternoon for White Plains. He will be there for the week, as his office is rolling out a new application for another office and he has to be there to make sure implementation goes well, so it’ll be chicken bouillon and applesauce for one for a few days. It’ll be a lonely week here for me and the dogs, but I hope to get a few house projects done while I have the house to myself. 

Tomorrow, I have to bring my car in for some maintenance, which is not something I normally do, as hubby handles all the car stuff, but since he’s out of town for the week, and I did such a good job ordering munchkins at Dunkin’ Donuts by myself this week, I figure I can handle anything. Ha ha ha.

My ultrasound from last Wednesday was clear, so this Wednesday, I have to go for a HIDA scan to determine if my gallbladder and kidneys are functioning correctly.  (Did you ever expect to abtain so much new medical knowledge following my blog?)  

I’m not sure how many tests I will have to endure while they go through the process of elimination trying to figure out what’s wrong with me,  but I’m trying to be grateful that I’m in the process  of discovering what it is, and I have the health insurance to pay for all this medical testing.  My time accruals are taking a hit though.  Half full, half empty. Yada yada yada.

Be well, all and let your digestive tract know how much you appreciate all the work they do for you 🙂

7 thoughts on “The week ahead

  1. You know long ago I realized the parallels between medicine and Info Tech. We I.T. people too apply differential skills to our jobs. For example, someone and I have same laptop. Only differences were a) I had more RAM and b) a later BIOS revision and Windows 10. The other is Windows 7.

    Recently bought bluetooth headphones and adapters for the machines. Windows 10 picks it right up, Windows 7 you have to install a driver.

    But the Windows 7 machines was causing skips in the bluetooth headphones. Increased the RAM – still skipped. Now I thought to myself, if RAM upgrade doesn’t cover then what’s the next most obvious beyond operating system. And yeah, System BIOS. He had A04, I had A05. Popped in the A05 update and then A24 and all is now well. Should install A24 on mine too but it’s working so why go through the effort. 🙂


  2. I hope those medical people are able to figure out what’s causing the problems. And they’d better be nice to you in the process.
    Good luck living the bachelor life this week. I always have mixed feelings when Superman goes out of town. I don’t have to worry about what to do with him, but I also don’t have him around to do those things for me that he does so well. (Practically everything) Perhaps you’ll accomplish those tasks you have planned.
    I miss you a bunch. Reading this post brings that home to me.


  3. I hope everything goes well this week. I love the puzzle, and the puppies look so cute on that sofa. I’m off to a horrible start on Monday. Guess who was stomping around upstairs until just before 1am last night? Yep.


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