In response…

…to someone posting something on Facebook that wasn’t true (an alleged quote by someone who never said it,) I told them it wasn’t true and linked to the website where it was debunked, 

They responded that it didn’t matter if it wasn’t true because they liked the sentiment so they were leaving it up…

I responded: 

“In a world where we’re told every day that the truth doesn’t matter, the truth matters more than ever.”
Spreading false information that you know is false information just because it gives you the feelz is bullshit, and you are part of the problem. Either verify the information you’re sharing or don’t share it. Don’t put words in other people’s mouths. 

Take responsibility for the things you say and do!


7 thoughts on “In response…

  1. That’s one of my biggest peeves. Just because you can say it five times on Fox News doesn’t mean it’s automatically true.


  2. when my MIL was alive, she would forward shit e-mails from her “friends” to spouse (like obama is a muslim shit). spouse would write back to her and her “friends” that this was not so and to verify it on snopes. nope, the following week would bring more of the same shit e-mail.

    ignorance abounds and I feel frustrated fighting against the ignorant assholes. it’s getting more difficult each day to find intelligent life in this country.


    • My FIL used to do the same. Then their computer broke or something and now they don’t have internet access. It’s wonderful! My mother sends me random stupid shit, and sometimes genuinely funny things, but thankfully doesn’t partake of Fox “News”.


  3. The irony, of course, is that the White House and our incompetent, embarrassing and dangerous president issue condemnations of “fake news” that they ascribe to “the media,” while pumping out lies on a daily basis.


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