Jeffrey and I drove to Lanesboro MA (about an hour from home) this morning, to see an 11:00am showing of Wonder Woman at the Berkshire Mall. This is the same theater in which we saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 a couple weeks ago, and I think it will be our theater of choice, going forward. I’ll just post a picture of our seats, and you’ll understand why it’s worth it to drive to this theater:

(Yes, they recline. Yes, there’s that much leg room. Yes, the little tables swivel!)

But onto the real reason for this post:

DC Cinematic Universe FINALLY got it right; and if they couldn’t be successful with my favorite hero (Green Lantern) they at least got it right for one of my top five…Wonder Woman.
From the very first scene on Themyscira (aka Paradise Island) to the last moment of the movie, Wonder Woman was brought to life and the writers managed to pluck the essential elements from her mythos, which has evolved and changed much over the years, to give us a fairly accurate reselling of her journey from an only child on an island of women warriors to the bullet deflecting, lasso wielding hero she becomes. 

While I’m rarely a fan of the requisite romance portions of every movie ever made, the romance between Diana and Steve played an essential role to the character development in the film and felt relatively organic. And it never once portrayed Diana as weak or helpless for her feelings for Steve. My only complaint is that it maybe focused a little too much on Steve’s story, (after all, this was billed as a Wonder Woman movie, not a Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor movie) but I was otherwise OK with his character in the film.

I enjoyed Etta Candy and absolutely LOVED all the Amazons. I could have watched a whole movie just focusing on the habitants of the Island.

The action sequences were beautifully orchestrated and executed. Every moment was a “wow” moment and I couldn’t stop from grinning, giggling and squealing with delight every time Diana launched into action. Gal Gadot did an admirable job portraying Diana’s wonder and horror at the world outside her mystical home. 

DC finally has its breakout film, and I’m so happy it’s Wonder Woman! 

I cannot recommend this movie enough for those who love superheroes, action flicks, empowering roles for women, or just like seeing a good movie!

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5 Responses to Wonderfulness!

  1. truthspew says:

    It’s funny – I was at Trader Joe’s yesterday and the guy at the register is another sci-fi fan. Told him I saw Wonder Woman, and then mentioned I’d like to see Guardians of the Galaxy II. He said that was alright but Wonder Woman was better. It’s so much fun wearing certain of my t-shirt collection – it gets varied responses from people. This particular t-shirt was for the Star Wars Rogue and M&M’s collection – big image of the Millenium Falcon with a big blue M in the middle.

  2. Mark in DE says:

    Wow, that’s one fancy theatre!

  3. concolor44 says:

    ALL of your recommendations hit me where I live. Java and I will go take in this movie at our earliest opportunity!

  4. Ravager619 says:

    I’m glad you got to see it, and now you know why I want to see it in IMAX very soon.

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