The eyes have it

This is the look that gets treats, head scratches, cuddles, and the best spots on the furniture and in bed. It’s also the look that makes me feel guilty leaving the house, not sharing my food and doing anything that doesn’t involve giving this little guy attention.
Some times the precious that comes from Harvey is so much it hurts!

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6 Responses to The eyes have it

  1. As I’ve said before, there is nothing like a dog, and there is nothing like posting about them. I don’t know what I’d do without my buddy. I always feel guilty about leaving him when I go to work, and I rush home to see him and let him out.

  2. Ravager619 says:

    Harvey is so cute! I bet he’s very well behaved, too.

  3. Raybeard says:

    A winning look which would melt the most Arctic of hearts. A photo to treasure.

  4. those eyes say LOVE ME!

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