A Comical Birthday Gift!

When I got home today, I found a package waiting for me, which I promptly opened to discover this inside:


This is issue #89 of Green Lantern, Volume 2. I have issues 90 forward, of Volume 2, and a few random issues earlier than that, (and complete runs of every volume, 3-5, thereafter, as well as the current GL series, of which there are two) but am still trying to put together as much of the earlier run of Volume 2 as I can find and afford. However, the earlier issues are not cheap, and not easy to find.

So, where did this come from?  Turns out it’s a birthday gift from my former-blogger-current-friend Dave in Pittsburgh. Apparently, he had a little text chat with my hubby and arranged to have this delivered to my door. (And, yes, I was given permission to open it early, instead of waiting for my actual birthday.) The fact that he not only found an issue I didn’t have, but one I actually wanted and needed to complete my run, is amazing , considering I have over 10,000 books and the bulk of all of the Green Lantern Issues.

I was, once again, beside myself with glee at another fantastic birthday gift from another thoughtful friend. It’s not even officially my birthday yet, and I’m already feeling spoiled.

Thanks, Dave. You have made me one elated comic book / Green Lantern Geek!

3 thoughts on “A Comical Birthday Gift!

  1. What a great find! I’d love to find physical copies of every issue of Robyn Hood since the beginning, but for now I’ll have to settle for the digital ones.


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