King K-9 of the Castle

Earlier this morning, I made the mistake of “moving my feet” to get more coffee and I lost my seat to Harvey. When I returned, he just sat there, defiantly, not shifting an inch, looking away as if he didn’t see me standing there, coffee in hand, waiting for him to move.

Instead of getting angry, I grabbed my phone to take a picture because he is just




Even when he’s being a little territorial brat.

After that, we spent the day cleaning house, corner to corner. After 6 hours of cleaning (and doing laundry) we settled in to start season two of “Sense8.” (A fantastic Netflix series that I cannot recommend enough.) Harvey and I made up, decided to share the chair, and he spent the afternoon curled up in my lap…next to my girl, Rita Mae.

We’re ending the evening with dinner, wine, and Cougar Town (a guilty pleasure!) 

This is a day in the life at Breen Acres. 

And I’m very ok with that!

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6 Responses to King K-9 of the Castle

  1. Mark in DE says:

    He truly IS adorable!! I know what you mean though, its hard to be mad at their bratty behavior when they look at you with those precious little faces. 🙂

  2. Raybeard says:

    His Royal Highness, Master of all he surveys! I well know the feeling. Like for W.Q., my cats keep pushing me off the settee – and not only that, on more than one occasion they’ve banished me to having to sleep on the floor at night, their threatening growls if I attempt to move them on the bed curdling my blood. I bet at least little H doesn’t do THAT! But it’s clear he’s got you where he wants you – under his little doggie-thumb.

  3. What a cute dog. My dog is always hogging the bed, but that’s ok with me!

  4. Ravager619 says:

    He’s adorable. I’d have a hard time scooting him off the chair myself. My Torrie kitty is also a little territorial. She’s the reason why I still have a queen sized bed. I only get to sleep on half of it.

  5. the cats do this all the time. we had a weekend like yours (minus the tv shows). and that’s ok with us.

  6. javabear says:

    He’s a bossy little pup isn’t he? Sounds like you and Jeffrey had a productive day.

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