Free Comic Book Day 2017

Today is Free Comic Book Day. I don’t always make it every year, but I try to, and this year, we made it. It’s very important to dress appropriately, so either go full out and wear a costume, or at least wear something comic related. I have a special shirt I almost always wear to any comic book event, another amazing original by Spo Reflections, with a Marvel Comics theme:


(And, yes, the carpet matched the drapes:)


We headed out to my comic shop, Earthworld Comics, where we grabbed some sweet swag: Free Comic Books, Free Comic Tote Bags and, thanks to the good-will guilt from Meanwhile, Over in Cali… , I also purchased a hardcover collection of “Star Trek / Legion of Superheroes” (Collecting the 6 issue mini series from 2012) and 3 matching Birthday T-Shirts. (Jeffrey, Jim and I have developed a tradition of wearing matching T-Shirts, at some point, during our birthday celebrations every year.) Since Jeffrey was with me, I got double the free swag: TWO free bags, and 12 free comics. (Marriage has its privileges.)

I took no actual pictures while I was there. The store was crowded and there was no convenient time or place to stop and take photos, but here’s a pic I swiped from their Facebook page from today’s event:


It was a fun visit and I’m glad we went.

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15 Responses to Free Comic Book Day 2017

  1. Ravager619 says:

    I love the shirt, and I’m jealous you got the Captain Canuck free comic. My store didn’t have that one in stock. I’m also glad you made the trip over there. I might make another trip today just for extra bags and boards just to get out of the apartment for a little while.

  2. Loving the underwear! Posting that photo took balls! Er no pun intended…

  3. Urspo says:

    I didn’t get past the undergarments.
    I am honored so you have two shirts that make you happy.

  4. WOO HOO! top (and bottom) covered in superhero specialness!

  5. concolor44 says:

    … I’m jealous.

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