SPO-iled rotten!

Today, I got the most fantastic early birthday gift in the mail…an homemade giraffe shirt from Spo-Reflections!

Of course, I had to show it off to my giraffe posse (aka “The Tower”)

This will be the shirt that I wear to meet Tajiri (the new baby calf) and his parents, April and Oliver, at the Animal Adventure Park on my birthday.

I am honored to have another Spo original to add to my collection (I also have a fabulous rainbow shirt and an uber cool Marvel superheroes shirt.) 

These shirts are treasured items, and whenever I wear them, I am reminded how lucky I am to have such a great and thoughtful (and talented) blogger buddy! 

Thanks, Spo! I can’t express strongly enough how much I love this shirt (and you for making it for me!)

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