After a successful first week back to work (thanks to all who inquired and expressed consternation,) I met up with the bf Jim this weekend in Lenox, MA (halfway between our respective homes in NY and CT) for a much needed shopping and cocktail reunion and reconnection.

Last night, I made an attempt at mixing a batch of cosmos, my signature drink. The first batch was so bad, I had to dump it and start again. I panicked, and searched the internet for cosmo recipes. Had I forgotten how to mix them? Did I have the proportions wrong? We’re the ingredients spoiled? Had my entire life been a lie and my reason for living ended?

In fear and frustration, I disposed of all the questionable ingredients and decided I would never mix another cosmo again. Better to have none, than to have bad ones.

Fortunately, a night’s sleep and the light of a new day cleared my head and conscience. We purchased new ingredients (our usual brand of vodka and fresh limes) on our shopping outing today, and tonight I have successfully mixed two rounds of perfect Sassybear cosmos.

Whew! Life has meaning to me once again.

13 thoughts on “Cosmopoli-tank

  1. Cosmos are great. I used to mix those all the time. Now I go for the simpler things in life like tequila shots.

    DISCLAIMER I’m doing a shot for every Toronto Maple Leafs goal they score today, and I’m here with three shots in my system. 🥃


  2. Yeah the really boozy stuff does go off after a while. Even beer will skunk out too. Drink it while it’s fresh.

    And that goes for food recipes too. I’ve had a number of times where the first time it was good, but the 2nd and subsequent times it’s been that fucking awesome.

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