Stop the world, I want to get on

I had my first “typical” weekend in a month:

Yesterday, we ran errands (Bank, Car Inspection, Comic Books) then came home, assembled an exercise bike we bought for my Mom as an early Mother’s Day present (don’t judge – she wanted one,) then delivered it and helped her set up her new laptop.  I got cranky and tired after such a long, active day (after a month of low mobility and not leaving the house) and tried to nap it off. Dinner was Grilled tuna steaks over baby spinach leaves with horseradish sauce. (Mmmmmm.)

This morning, I read comics in the recliner, under my Spidey blanket, while the dogs snoozed serenely in my lap:

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house, hanging pictures I recently framed (gifts from the bf, Jim):

and bagging, boarding and filing new comics away in my comic drawers (with the help of hubby, Jeffrey, because I can’t lift more than 5 pounds yet):

(This is one of two comic closets – 63 boxes and growing) 

Then I did some FaceTime with Jim as we planned out first get together in over a month (we usually see each other every other weekend) and  then rested a bit before whipping up some shrimp scampi for us for dinner, which we ate, with wine, while watching “Cougar Town.”

It might sound boring to some, but it was a mostly perfect weekend for me and a great way to end the weekend, before heading back to the office tomorrow. 

Of course, any weekend I don’t have medical apparatus inserted in, or attached to, my body is a good weekend, for me!


12 thoughts on “Stop the world, I want to get on

  1. Reading comic books while covered in a Spidey blanket sounds perfect. Superman and I are reading this at the same time. He’s shocked/impressed at the size of your comic collection.

    Good luck at work tomorrow! 🙂


  2. I almost did the same. It was too hot to wear one of my Harley Quinn throw blankets, but it was nice to read comics on my tablet this afternoon.

    Good luck at work tomorrow!


  3. That is quite the comic book collection you have there. Me I don’t collect stuff like that no, I collect telecom gear. My latest acquisition was an Avaya DCP302C attendant console.


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