And now, the end is near….


Today was my last day working from home. On Monday, I will return to my office, pick up where I left off,  and go on with life as if the last month never happened. Hopefully, it will be the last time in my career I need to have surgery. (Knock on wood.)

A few observations about my time working from home:

  1. I was way more productive than I thought I’d be. I worked over time the majority of time (for which I don’t get paid) and only forced myself to take a lunch break at all the last week.
  2. I really worked all day, and only struggled with working one day – today – because it was  Friday, I was tired from my Remicade infusion (which I got this morning before returning home to work) and I mind was making plans for the weekend.
  3. While it was practical and convenient working from the dining room table, as my makeshift office, I hated having my house disrupted for 3 weeks.
  4. I loved having access to my own bathroom. (I have anxiety about using public bathrooms, especially at work; always have; always will.)
  5. I loved not losing 2 hours of my day to my commute. This also meant sleeping in a bit later, having more time with my dogs and hubby in the morning, and when my work day was over, it was mere steps to my sofa.
  6. I loved having my dogs around all day, and giving them a 3 weeks break from their crates.

Having said all that, although I would definitely love to continue telecommuting one or two days a week, I would not want to do my current job, from home, every day. I am too much a creature of habit. My desk at work is set up so that I have all of my necessities and files within reach. My work Desktop PC works better and faster than this laptop. I like having access to all my co-workers and Teammates for easy discussions and assistance. I hate talking on the phone, even to my co-workers about work.  Also, as I discovered this morning when I drove to my Remicade Infusion and back, I actually miss driving Hedwig. It felt good to be behind her wheel. As someone who generally dislikes (hates) driving, usually, this came as a huge surprise to me.

So while I appreciate my employer allowing me to work from home during this time away,  and I’ll definitely miss being home with the dogs, having my own private bathroom, and wearing comfy clothes all day, I’m actually looking forward to returning to the office next week. I find, after a surgery and extended recovery time, returning to routine, even work, is always a relief…

…at least for a little while.

15 thoughts on “And now, the end is near….

  1. Glad to hear you’re doing better. Working from home has its benefits and drawbacks. In my job, I’m more of a mercenary than a people person so telecommuting is fine with me. I don’t miss the commute to and from the office, even though the last time we had a local office it was only 15 mins away.


  2. This is one reason why I continue to work into my 75th year. I don’t want to work full time and I appreciate not wasting two plus hours a day commuting on the train to and from Philly, but I do need that time away from home and to be professional and interact with the public. If I didn’t I fear I would slip into being one of those old folks who slowly fade away as they shuffle off into the sunset. And by the way,I to do not like using public rest room. Much prefer my own bathroom. That’s a big plus.


  3. Thank goodness the nasty bits are over – and I won’t say “for now” because let’s fervently hope that you won’t have to go through all that even one more time. But pleased you got some benefits from the experience of home-working, and I just knew that the ever-loyal and appreciative doggies would figure in it as a BIG positive.

    Interesting to read your #4 above. I also never liked to use toilets at work and would break into a sweat even just thinking of the possibility that I might have to. On the very few occasions over many years where I just had to go, I’d be praying before I went that there’d be no one else already in there, first looking to see that all the males were at their desks, though I couldn’t do anything about other offices using the same toilet. Needless to say I was hardly ever alone and I’d come out unable to have ‘produced’ even though I was bursting. It was always trauma time. (I suspect that you and I are on the same wavelength).
    Just one further note – during my entire 5 years at secondary school from the age of 11 up, I never even once used the school toilets – though it helped a lot in being able to go home for lunch every day.
    I wonder just how common our ‘condition’ actually is.

    Anyway, glad you’re back to your work routine, with all its pros and cons, and that you can at least get on with life as before.
    Hugs and cuddles to you the furry ones.


    • I never used a bathroom at school from 4th grade (when I started getting picked on) until I graduated from high school.

      When I developed ulcerative colitis, I had to get over my fear and go anywhere, anytime, as my disease dictated. Once that was under control, I returned to my avoidance of public restroonsz

      At work, we have four floors. I try to only use the bathroom once, if at all, and I check all four floors for an empty bathroom. I’ll only use a bathroom with someone in it if it’s an emergency (i.e. I can’t hold it.)

      It can be a bit grating, after 40 years, but it’s not going away!


      • I can well sympathise with you, S/b, though my position is all in the head, not having the aggravating physical aspects that you have to endure. However it’s no less real. Now being long since retired at least that aspect is over for me, which is a relief (in a manner of speaking). I’m still curious about how widespread our ‘condition’ is.


  4. I’m not surprised that you were more productive. I worked from home for 4 years and felt more productive too, not being drawn into conversations about TV shows, weekend recaps, someone’s new boyfriend, etc. But working from home for 4 years was also kind of isolating. At times I would create reasons to leave the house, just to be out among other people. I’m SO GLAD you are doing better physically and able to return to your routine again!


  5. Good luck on your return to normalcy!! And may your colleagues radiate upon your return. I hear you on #4 and #5. #5 is why husband and I live separately during week. It saves me from a 97.6 round-trip commute. Currently, it’s a four-mile round-trip commute. Something that has been enjoyed for 26 years.


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