Happy Adoption Day, Harvey Milk!

5 years ago we came home with this little guy., 4.5 pounds of adorable! 

He was just 12 weeks old and had just been driven in from Winchester, KY, where he was a rescue puppy.

5 years later (and only 1.5 lbs heavier,) he is still so frggin’ cute he makes my heart melt with a single glance. He has been by my side everyday while I’ve been home recovering, and lays on a pillow at my side while I’m working at the table. I call him my little buddy, and that’s just what he is. 

Happy Adoption Day little buddy Harvey Milk. 

Your daddies love you lots!

10 thoughts on “Happy Adoption Day, Harvey Milk!

  1. Goodness me – FIVE years? I’d have surmised that it was about TWO!)
    A very happy anniversary to you, H. Don’t ever lose your puppy looks and playful ways. Be yourself and keep us all in smiles. XXXXXXX.


  2. Harvey is sooo cute! Loving pets are the greatest, aren’t they? My cats improve the quality of my life, and I love seeing their smiling faces first thing every morning.


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