Operation: Office

I start back to work tomorrow…sort of. I’ll be working from home (my first time, ever, doing so) for the next two weeks, so I set up my work space today:

The biggest challenge will be sitting up to work on my work-issued laptop, hence the donut on the chair. It’ll be good to do something other than read and watch TV.

I think.

15 thoughts on “Operation: Office

  1. Have fun with that. My Hubs is going back to the office for the first time since his accident in early December. He’s been working from home for a month +. If you feel the earth move tomorrow morning it will just be me doing cartwheels down the street. šŸ˜‰


  2. Trust me. You will yearn to get back to the office in due time. I could never work from home and miss the camaraderie with colleagues at the office. Although (me) working with the general public at Village Hall, working at home sounds like a nice perk. Glad to see you have the initiative and drive since the surgery. šŸ™‚


    • I am stuck at home for at least 3 weeks whether I work or not, so getting permission to work from home limits how much accrued time I have to charge. It would be easier just to go into the office, (and I’d rather be at work without a catheter than at home with one, for sure), but this is better than not working at all. I don’t mind being in my office, but to be honest, I’m not missing the hour commute each way each day. It’ll be good to get back to normal in April, that’s for sure.


      • Hour commute??!! OUCH! I’ve been blessed with a two-mile commute for the last 26 years. But those slow school buses that seem to stop at every corner can be a hinderance. šŸ™‚


  3. Working from home takes getting used to, and you probably won’t in two weeks. I’ve been a telecommuter for four years now and I don’t miss the office or the commute at all. I’m hoping I can remain a telecommuter up until the moment I retire.

    Will you like working rather than watching TV? That depends on what’s on. A few days ago, when I had work related computer problems, I was stuck watching TV and every channel had Sean “Spice Boy” Spicer going full unhinged at a press conference.

    Good luck with working from home. You may end up enjoying it.


    • I had a great first day, with the exception of a few limitations to some of the programs I needed, that were irritating, but easy enough to work around. I wish I could keep doing this at least once a week, even after I’m back. Sigh…


  4. I worked from home full-time for 4 years, and while I was nervous about it at first, I found it to be a terrific experience. You get a LOT more work done when not interrupted or distracted by people in the office. I also got more personal stuff done because I’d toss a load of laundry in the washer before work, then take a quick break to refill my coffee, use the bathroom, and toss the clothes into the dryer. Then at lunch time I’d fold/hand the clean clothes before making/eating my lunch. It was easily the most productive years of my work for that company. But it can be isolating. Sometimes I’d make up reasons to leave the house on my lunch hour just to see people.

    On a completely different note, I was unable to be comfortable on the donut. I felt like I was tipping over; unable to feel stable. Instead I found more comfort and stability sitting on a memory foam pillow. Hope you’re able to adjust to working at home AND that you’re feeling better and better each day.


  5. I have been working at home at least one day a week, I still prefer working in the office, but I have been pleased at how much I can get done. Take care, take it easy.


  6. I hope that your recovery is going smoothly! It is probably good that you can do some work from home as it won’t be so piled up when you return to work. I was reading the previous comments. You have an hour commute? I guess I shouldn’t complain about my 35 minute one. Take care.


  7. Oh an HP – I hate HP laptops. Lenovo comes close second, their T420, T430 an T440 were the pits. However at the new job I have a T460 – holy shit it’s lightweight. Runs Windows 7 pretty well.

    And at home a Dell Latitude E6420 running Windows 10. At my last job I had a Dell Latitude E7470 – that was a nice machine too.


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