Happy Feet?

These were a pre-surgery get well gift from one of my co-workers, given to me (as part of a bag of get well goodies) on my last day of work before going out for surgery. I put them on today to help lift my spirits. 

After a pretty good first day and a half home, things backslid a bit. My mouth started hurting non stop, I got really tired, felt generally crappy, and had an almost-accident that scared me a bit and had me on edge for several hours. 
I donned my new Spider-socks this morning, after a long, hot shower, in the hopes of starting the day off on the right foot, in the right sock.

So far, so good.

9 thoughts on “Happy Feet?

  1. Rest, relax, recoup! Now that the snow has passed, hopefully you will feel better, too! I got 14″ living next to Lake Michigan, but at my hubby’s house 20 miles inland, absolutely nada!!


  2. Nice socks. Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery- maybe some cookies and cosmos in your future, when your mouth feels better?


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