On to something

Coffee on.

Laundry on.

Gluten Free Bread on.

No pants on.

Oh yeah, Sunday … it’s on!

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7 Responses to On to something

  1. Urspo says:

    drink tea but be careful not to spill on your pants-less thighs

  2. Shoshanah says:

    It’s. On.

    No bra on.

  3. javabear says:

    Lol!! Sounds like a good start to a great day.

  4. Ravager619 says:

    Coffee on.
    Computer on.
    TV on for background noise.
    Stove on to make breakfast.
    Twitter’s on… oh, I think I’m going to log off now! LOL

  5. Sounds like a good Sunday!

  6. Bob Slatten says:

    No Pants Sunday! I’m in!

  7. no pants on here either! 🙂

    also on at my house – jazz music, knitting, dishes, laundry, computers, mending (spouse’s jacket pocket).

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