Color My World

I never outgrew the enjoyment of coloring in coloring books. I have always loved it, and have a collection of crayola crayons (the only crayons worth coloring with, in my opinion) and coloring books.  Not many people enjoyed this activity, as adults, but fortunately the BF Jim does, so I’ve had a coloring partner for the last 5 years.

It should come as no surprise that I was delighted that “Adult Coloring Books” have become a thing. Not because I needed it to validate my life long pastime, but because of the material that’s now available to color. DC and Marvel Entertainment have jumped on the bandwagon, producing black and white coloring book versions of previously published comic book stories, and collections of pin-up posters, images and comic covers. I could not be more excited about this, and have a small collection of these already (and hope to own them all, some day.) I also like that they are printed on paper more amenable to coloring with colored pencils, because I enjoy coloring with colored pencils more – it allows me to get a  little more artistic with shading and color matching. I hadn’t actually colored in any of the books until this weekend.  I started with two comic book cover reprints, Brave and the Bold #59 and Justice League of America #217, using an image of the actual comic cover for reference. I absolutely loved coloring them, and this has definitely reinvigorated my love for coloring.

I couldn’t get a really good picture of the finished product, but here are the two images I colored. The original comic image is on the left, my hand colored version is on the right:


jloaIf I had one small complaint, it’s that some of the colors are reprinted as solid black in the coloring book images (note the difference in the DC logo in the upper left corners and the text in the bottom right corners of the first images; and the difference in the DC logo in the top left corner, the Comic Title, and circle of stars in the bottom image.)  But that’s just the perfectionist in me. Otherwise, I love these.

I can’t wait to do more.


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11 Responses to Color My World

  1. Urspo says:

    I love color! If I had my way the world would be adorned in bright gay colors of cherry red and kelly green and lots and lots of lovely yellow.

  2. Steven says:

    Excellent coloring job on the two examples!!

  3. You do amazing color match.

  4. javabear says:

    You are so right; Crayola crayons are the best crayons. Nothing else compares favorably.

  5. truthspew says:

    I moved from coloring books to elements of light using Electro Luminescent wire, LED’s and super bright LED’s.

  6. Ravager619 says:

    I’ve thought about buying one myself. I remember when some of the digital DC releases last year had alternate covers where you could print them out and color them. I have other needs to address first, but I imagine a visit to an arts store could be in my future.

  7. you got THAT right about the crayons!

  8. Ron says:

    Coloring books is a very restful pastime. I’m pleased to note that this pastime is becoming more popular. Probably because of our more stressful environment. I still remember the smell of Crayola crayons from first grade. A very pleasant memory I have never forgotten.

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