Surviving the week celebration!

Well, we survived the week and, despite it being long, hard and difficult to handle…

…I’ll wait while the spiritual 7 year olds on the web giggle and smirk naughty smiles for my choice of phrase….

…there were some great resolutions to some stressful and upsetting situations. I gave a kick ass presentation, I finished a bunch of “sitting on my desk too long” projects, I worked through some personal stuff, my “ex-blogger” buddy and IRL friend Dave is home and on the mend (Yay!)  I even managed to eat relatively healthy this week…mostly.

To reward ourselves for not quitting, we decided to treat ourselves to an impromptu get away to Lenox Massachusettes to see the “HANNA-BARBERA: The Architects Of Saturday Morning” exhibit at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, then have lunch, do a little shopping, relax in our hotel and have dinner at a favorite local restaurant (Alta), then just have a night away to unwind and pamper ourselves a bit.

We left this morning and, despite the cold, its been a fun, carefree and relaxing day. A much welcome respite from the stress and strife of the last 7 days.

One of the hi-lites of my day was finding this guy: meet Marshall Lenox Hanna-Barbera, the latest addition to the stuffed Giraffe preserve in my home!

15974990_10155262407971029_164298826712975581_oWhat can I say? I refuse to grow up! When the lady at the counter said  “Someone’s going to be very happy to get this. I hope it’s going to a good home.” I just smiled from ear to ear and said “I can guarantee it!”

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9 Responses to Surviving the week celebration!

  1. Marshal is a handsome chap. Almost as handsome as you!

  2. I have a thing about giraffes.

  3. Urspo says:

    you look so happy!

  4. glen says:

    You look GREAT for having had such a terrible week!! Congratulations on taking care of yourself!!

  5. Ravager619 says:

    That giraffe is huge! He also looks wise. To me, he’s giving off that same look Tim Gunn does in the workroom on Project Runway when he’s studying someone’s design.

  6. Raybeard says:

    Are you calling it Geoffrey? – with a’ G’ to preserve the alliteration as well as not with a ‘J’ so you don’t get them confused. 🙂

    • Sassybear says:

      Nope. I’m actually naming him Marshall Lenox Hanna-Barbera. I don’t name any of my giraffes Jeffrey or Geoffrey, since Geoffrey is already the Toys R Us giraffe, and there’s only one Jeffrey in my life 🙂

  7. javabear says:

    That’s a lot of giraffe! Congrats on the new addition, and a lovely weekend away.

  8. hello you cutie (and the giraffe too)!

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