Off to a rough start

It hasn’t been a great kick off to the New Year, thus far. Some personal stresses, an immense amount of work stress, along with a developing cold and a few other health issues have joined forces to turn me into a nervous wreck and make me want to curl up in a fetal position and sob uncontrollably. Despite my best efforts to just push through it and “git ‘er done,” the building anxiety is wreaking havoc with my emotions, mood and rational thought. Regardless, I will get through this week and spend the weekend de-decorating the house. Hopefully, clearing away the christmas clutter and returning our house to normal will give me some sense of calm, control and accomplishment.

If not, I may just hide under the blankets with the dogs, a pile of comic books, and a flashlight and not surface again until summer.


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7 Responses to Off to a rough start

  1. Sometimes I feel like I’d like to hide under that blanket with you.

  2. wcs says:

    I always find holiday “clean up” to be therapeutic. It starts out a little sad, but it feels great when it’s done. But you knew that… 😉

  3. Ravager619 says:

    I’m sorry to hear you’re under stress. This is one of the benefits I love about walking. Even though it’s only for about 30 minutes on most nights, when I do it after work I seem a lot more relaxed once I get home.

    I’d also do the best you can to get enough sleep. I know from experience what happens when I’m under a lot of stress. The first thing that happens is I don’t sleep enough. Then my body craves carbs. Then i start gaining weight… see where I’m going with this?

    I hope you can find a way to manage the current stress. I’m trying really hard myself on my end and sometimes it’s not working. 😦

  4. truthspew says:

    Could be me – we moved one of our offices. My Help Desk guy got machines setup but didn’t have time to wire things up. So past two days running around patching network cables in. Fun times.

  5. Steven says:

    With the good comes the bad. It is only the beginning of the year. Dogs have ALWAYS helped me decompress and Rita and Harvey will definitely be a help to you. Here’s to a return to normalcy and your comfort zone.

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