For the record…

When you say “I’ll pray for blah blah blah”, what I hear is “I’m not going to do anything to help, because my time, money, and effort is too valuable and precious to share, but I’ll whisper wishes to genies to make myself feel better about doing nothing by pretending I’m doing something.”

And before you dispute my dismissal of prayer, you better be able to honestly admit you’ve never gone to work, a doctor, bank, mechanic, teacher, lawyer, police officer or anyone else with skill and ability to help you out, heal you, protect you, or provide a paycheck,  because the power of prayer provided all you have needed in life. 

Pray all you want, if you believe it matters, but don’t fool yourself into believing it helps anyone but yourself. 

It doesn’t. 

Never has.

Never will. 

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6 Responses to For the record…

  1. Mark in DE says:

    This topic came to light in the media last year after several mass shootings in a short period of time. Politicians would offer prayers to the victims’ families. Other suggested this was just a way for the politicians to seem concerned, while they did absolutely nothing to curtail future mass shootings. I see your point. Those who believe in the Bible should also recall that it says “Faith WITHOUT WORKS is dead unto itself”.

  2. Bob Slatten says:

    I think it’s sweet when done in conjunction with actual help but when given on its own it’s a “Meh, I got nothin’ except this useless words.”

  3. Ron says:

    I agree with you totally. I don’t offer to “pray” for somebody because I don’t believe in a old, muscular, white haired man clad in a white sheet, bare left shouldered sitting on a gold throne in the clouds waiting to pass judgement on my every move and thought. I can offer to help where I can and if I can’t I just let the guilt wash over me. That’s how I handle those situations. No easy answers.

  4. Raybeard says:

    Exactly so, S/b. Offers to ‘pray’ for someone only fulfil a need to make the one doing the offering feel better, while giving the other the illusion that s/he is feeling cared for, when it’s highly likely that they’ll hardly be given a second thought after the notion is voiced. Besides, since when did ‘God’ answer ANY prayer? If things happen to turn out as was prayed for it’s taken as proof positive that prayer works. If events don’t turn out the desired way, then ‘God’ is testing ones faith – as though this supposedly omniscient being didn’t already know!

  5. Ravager619 says:

    I consider myself religious to a point, but I agree with you. This is exactly why I’m reluctant to offer thoughts and prayers. They don’t do anything other than offer comfort, and even then those words sometimes make things worse when action is the more appropriate response.

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