After the Ball is Over

We’re home after a long weekend staying in Connecticut for the New Year’s holiday with the BFF, Jim, and his hubby, Ken. We arrived Friday of last week.

Friday night, we all went to dinner then saw “The Curious Incident of the dog in the Night-time.” It was an amazing show, despite dealing with some difficult themes. Saturday, Jim and Ken spent the day prepping for their New Year’s Eve dinner party, while Jeffrey and I got out of the way for the day and went shopping. That night, the guys hosted a sit down dinner for twelve.  Before dinner, we swapped a gift or two with some mutual friends. I got a giant snoopy and a cool giraffe pillow. Yay!

(FYI: Harvey claimed the giraffe pillow for his own shortly after we got home)

img_2725After dinner, we all watched the ball drop with Kathy & Anderson, and cheered the New Year with champagne, hats and noisemakers. Because I’m old, I went to bed shortly after midnight.

We were one of two couples staying over, so the guys made breakfast and Mimosas for all of us, before the other couple headed home. We had a quiet day of just mostly lounging around. I crocheted a little while we watched some of the Harry Potter marathon on TV, then we played a game of Risk. We headed out with Ken to  see Dr. Strange, then we met up with Jim afterwards for dinner at a nearby favorite pub for dinner and drinks before finally calling it a night.

We hit the road about 7:00am this morning and are finally back home with the dogs in familiar surroundings. It was a very nice weekend and holiday, overall, but it will be good to get the decorations down and put away, the house back to normal, and to have a low-key few weeks of our usual routine.


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4 Responses to After the Ball is Over

  1. Mark in DE says:

    Glad you guys had a fun and festive New Years weekend. And that pic of Harvey on the girraf pillow… insert heart melting here! 😉

  2. Ravager619 says:

    Glad to hear you had fun, and nice pillow!

  3. and you won’t begrudge harvey the giraffe pillow, right? HNY, breens!

  4. Ron says:

    Very nice!😀

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