Pedaling my wares

One of my goals on this trip was to finally get back on my bike and get riding again. I used to ride all the time, when I was younger, but haven’t owned a bike in years. I finally got a shiny new green bicycle last year, a gift from Jeffrey for my birthday, but had yet to ride it more than a couple short spins down my street, so I brought it to P-town with me this weekend with the intention of going for some bike rides with Jim (did I mention I was staying with Ken and Jim this weekend?)

Our first ride was Friday morning. I didn’t make it too far, or ride for too long, because I am woefully out of shape and have not ridden in a long time, but we did about a 25 minute/4.6 mile ride. This was our path:

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at Aug 5, 2016 7.12.31 AM

We did actually stop at the beach for a few minutes, mid-ride, but it felt great to be riding again. We took a second ride Saturday morning, but stayed at the beach for an hour or so before riding back. We were supposed to go for a third ride this morning, but I MAY have stayed out a little too late last night and I MAY have had a few more cocktails than normal, so I wasn’t up for another spin this morning, sadly. I was hoping to make it 3 for 3. I leave for home early tomorrow morning, but I hope to continue riding. Not only is it a great form of exercise, I really enjoy riding, as well.

3 thoughts on “Pedaling my wares

  1. I miss riding a bike. I’m thinking about getting one someday, but there aren’t too many safe places in my neighborhood to ride it. There’s lots of narrow streets without sidewalks where I live.


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