My response to a “Bernie or no one” friend’s post

Bernie is not gone or dead, and It’s not a zero sum game. Bernie and his supporters had a major impact both before and at the convention. Very few things in life or politics are (or should be) an “all or nothing” scenario. The spark he ignited should inspire you to be more involved in who you/we elect as politicians from the ground up. Very few people start at the top, in business, politics or life. You have to put in the work, the time, the energy to make change. Help build the USA you want to be part of. Don’t just wait until the election every four years to try to overhaul the entire system overnight. Bernie may have lost this nomination, but you can keep the ideals, ideas and intentions alive. I believe, in the end, we can have a stronger impact IF we unite and fight for the betterment of all. Even if you’re not thrilled by your remaining candidates, you’re not just voting for a person or party. You’re voting for a platform, a philosophy and a future you, your friends and family want to and can be part of. Every choice we make matters. We don’t always get the options we hope for, but we still get options. Do the best you can with what you’re given, then keep fighting for the changes you believe in. Don’t let anger and disappointment stop you. Let hope and optimism propel you forward and ask yourself who is closer to the ideas Bernie (and his supporters) embrace. Because your vote (or lack thereof) is going to help shape your future and the future of every person in the USA, one way or another.

9 thoughts on “My response to a “Bernie or no one” friend’s post


    Indeed, in this particular case, I don’t like either of the candidates the “two-party” system has fielded. Like, at all. Basically, we’re boned. It’s now a simple matter of which sort of boning you prefer. (Or which one you find most distasteful.) I’m firmly in the “Anyone But Trump” camp … but Great Deity!! Couldn’t we have someone else?

    You’re right, though. What this boils down to is paying close attention to your state and local races, and voting FOR the people who represent you best. We had a run-off election for sheriff here recently. I had to work late, and got to the polls about eight minutes before the closed. When I signed the register, I saw that I was the 142nd person to vote in my district.

    We have seven or eight thousand … THOUSAND … voters in this district. And the winner is going to be decided by 142 people? That is HARDLY “one person, one vote”. I figure my vote stood for around fifty people. On the one hand, I’m pleased that my vote has that much impact. On the other, I find it DEPLORABLE that we had a TWO PERCENT turnout. That’s just … wrong.

    So, yeah. Vote, people. Vote every chance you get.

    “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”


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