Let it go

It is easy to get lost in the daily trials and tribulations of life. If you’re not careful, you can be overwhelmed by the obligations, stressors and anxieties that creep in over time. Sometimes, the best (and only) solution is a little bit of denial and a whole lot of indulgence.

This weekend, I needed a reminder of the good and the pleasurable in my life. The weekend has been filled with comic books, cocktails, canines, camaraderie, cuddling, and car trips. 

Through all this cathartic, catch-a-breath, emotional cauterizing, I had a break through this weekend:  After trying multiple times to perfect it, I’ve found a watermelon Cosmo recipe I love.

The only change: instead of a watermelon garnish, I put crushed watermelon right in the cocktail shaker.


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