Gay Camping


I’m going gay camping this weekend in Gibson, PA. Gay camping is just like straight camping, but with a Keurig. It will be a much needed respite for my soul, away from society proper. It always seems to surprise people that:

A. I’ve gone camping as an adult
B. I still go camping
C. I like going camping

I don’t know why. Gay men have always had anΒ  attraction to camp πŸ™‚


20 thoughts on “Gay Camping

  1. Bear men love to camp out. in the woods and about anyplace else. I guess the yearning for the great outdoors is part of who we are. Be watchful of what hot furry creature might want to sneak inside your tent tonight.


  2. I’m am visiting over from Anne Maries and RJ’s places! I am right there with you! I love gay camping, or as I call it glamping. I’m not far from the Poconos so I go to The Woods Campground in Leighton. Several friends have sites there. Always meet the most wonderful people camping, I swear.


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