Play Date

Since it was a long weekend, Jeffrey and I bought tickets for Saturday in NYC to see “Fully Committed”, a one man showing starring Jesse Tyler Ferguson, an actor we both really enjoy.

We got up early, had breakfast with the pups, then headed to the train station for an 8:05am train to the City.

Once in the city, with a few hours to kill before the show, we enjoyed a casual walk about and people watching expedition, before stopping for lunch (and cocktails) at a little Italian place with many gluten free options (yay!) The restaurant was just around the corner from the theater, so it was just a short jaunt after finishing a second round of drinks.

The show was a lot of fun, and JTF did a great job handling so many voices and personalities.

After the show, we made our way back to Penn station, where we had about an hour to kill before our train home, so we enjoyed a cold beverage and some artichoke dip before getting in line to board our carriage home.

Now we’re enjoying a relaxing ride home, a great view of the afternoon sun reflecting off the Hudson River.

It was a lovely, relaxing, entertaining day away with my wonderful husband, and we are looking forward to being back home again and ending the evening with our two favorite sources of 4-pawed joy, Harvey and Rita Mae.

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