Pet Pain Panic

When I got home and let Harvey out of his crate, he ran outside to do his business. When he came back inside, he was walking funny, with an overly arched back, and he was grunting a little, shivering, and his eyes were wider than usual. Jeffrey was home a few minutes later, and we were out the door, in the car, and heading to the vets.

2.5 hours and $350.00 later, we had physical exam, x-ray and blood test results. Diagnosis: strained back, possibly from twisting or moving suddenly. He was prescribed pain meds, and we headed home with instructions to lift him into and off of furniture, keep him off stairs, and take him outside (in our fenced in yard) on a leash (to keep him from running or jumping about).

We were relieved it wasn’t something more serious, and we were all happy to be back home, mostly safe and sound. Harvey cuddled up on his “travel towel” in his favorite spot in front of the heating vent. 

Poor little guy!

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6 Responses to Pet Pain Panic

  1. Donna says:

    As a long time dachshund owner please watch him like a hawk. It’s usually advised that they be on strict crate rest for 6 weeks. Please have him rechecked if there is ANY sign of weakness or uncoordination in his hind legs. I’ve had 2 who needed emergency surgery usucessfully) and 3 who responded to conservative treatment.
    Best of luck! That is one adorable little guy

  2. glen says:

    Hoping he heals quickly. I am sure his Dads will give him LOTS of loving and attention.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Feel better Harvey!

  4. Raybeard says:

    OMG! The poor little thing! Just remember, Harvey, that in your discomfort you’ve got the best possible care under two daddies who love you to bits, and will do all they can to ease your pain and help you get back to normal real soon. Thinking of you with healing thoughts.

  5. concolor44 says:

    Aww! Poor little guy! Java and I both hope he’s feeling better REALLY SOON.

  6. aw, poor widdle harvey! wish he could talk and tell you what happened. give him an extra kiss from me.

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