With all the modern technology and world wide web at our finger tips, being a comic book collector has never been easier. I can find almost any book, for a variety of prices, purchase it, and have it delivered to my doorstep almost any time I want.

But there is something very unsatisfying about that. I much prefer seeking out comic shops, conventions, flea markets, yard sales and used book stores, seeking that odd box full of comic book jewels. Nothing compares to flipping through books in boxes, spotting that issue you want or need, pulling it out with my eager hands, and walking away with it with a child-like glee.

With no other plans, beautiful weather, and the beckoning of my newly obtained set of wheels, Hedwig, we headed out yesterday to a nearby comic book convention, to seek out back issues and other such super-spandex-paraphernalia. The Convention turned out to be more cosplay and non-comic vendors, but it was still fun to go. Then we hit a couple comic shops on the way home, and that’s where I really struck gold, finding some long sought after oversized DC and Marvel Special editions from the seventies, a batch of late seventies/early eighties Justice League of Americas, and an animated DC movie I didn’t even know existed (and I always buy them as soon as they’re released, so I have no idea how I missed this one.)  Even after a good 34+ years of reading and collecting, I still get a rush and thrill at hunting for, and finding, back issues of favorite series and characters.

Of course, I couldn’t go on an adventure like this without being properly adorned, so I whipped out my recently purchased X-Men hoodie. I got several compliments on it. (Although, when I brought my Green Lantern back pack to my last convention, I got a couple offers to buy it from me from some fellow GL fans.)

Here’s me rockin’ out in my x-cellent hoodie:




Anyhoo, it was a fun way to spend a Saturday, and I couldn’t wait to get home and file away my new books, update my comic book lists and”Issues Needed” list. Plus, I added some dates to my calendar for some upcoming comic cons I hope to attend.

Definitely a fantastic comic geek adventure. I wish every weekend could be like this.


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3 Responses to Es-Cape-ades

  1. Comic Con International still awaits your attendance….
    I gratefully obtained the Golden Ticket of all four days plus preview night again this year! It will prove interesting as I’ll be two weeks post op from my shoulder surgery so my left wing will be tied to my body.

    • Sassybear says:

      Sigh…it’s on the list but a new car and house maintenance rule it out this year 😦 But I’m happy to live vicariously through you so share as much as you dare :-$

  2. looking good there, breenlantern! 🙂

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