Yeah, about those plans…

It has been a stressful couple of weeks dealing with the car accident, insurance claim, and purchase of a new car. Fortunately, everything is settled and done, and I can move forward. Although I am truly grateful I wasn’t n(or anyone, for that matter) hurt, and that I had the support and resources to replace my vehicle, I do feel my anger and frustration about the incident was justified, and I think I handled it pretty well, my blog post about it being almost the sole expression of those feelings. (to people other than Jeffrey and Jim, that is.) While it is certainly true that "things could have been worse", by that measure, I doubt anyone of us could ever get mad at anything, if we are not a disease ridden, starving, orphaned child in a war torn third-world country. We all have the right to feel a full range of emotions, even anger. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Just before all of this happened, we had decided to get our house ready to put on the market. We spent a year discussing the issues we have with our current house, considering what, if anything, we could do to change those conditions or lessen those impacts, but ultimately decided the two biggest issues (location and lack of privacy) can’t be changed, no matter what we do to the house. We met with our realtor, who helped us make a reasonable list of "must do’s" prior to selling, and then met with a contractor, who will be getting back to us this week with estimates on the jobs we want to have done. It is possible, with the purchase of this car (and the unexpected monthly payments we have acquired) and the cost of the house fix-ups, our plans to sell may have to change, either for another year or two, or permanently. Time will tell.

I’m a big picture, long range planner type person, so I tried to carefully consider what my/our decisions now will mean for me/us down the line. There are a lot of elements to our life I have to take into consideration when thinking about selling and moving. Location is crucial for me, because it will impact so many things in our life. Whatever happens, stay or go, it will be nice to have a little face lift on the house. And as this recent car issue has reminded me, life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans; so, I will quote America’s darling (and my personal [understated] Diva of choice), Doris Day: Que sera sera.

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12 Responses to Yeah, about those plans…

  1. Urspo says:

    How scary and exciting – new plans and new journeys. Breathe and one day at a time now.

  2. David says:

    You are still ahead of those who have no plans and simply drift where life takes them (generally bitching all along the way.)

  3. truthspew says:

    Wow that’s a lot of tumult in a short period of time. Best of luck to you guys.

    I’m curious about the privacy thing though. I mean mini blinds can be had fairly cheaply. And house wide HVAC means no windows open, right?

  4. I am guessing you would have to stay in your general area for now due to jobs and friends.

    should we think about meeting up this summer? I would LOVE to see you and jeffrey!

  5. concolor44 says:

    Ha. Yeah. “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.”

    I know what that feels like. My primary transportation is currently in the shop, getting $1,500 worth of work done restoring the front suspension (money that was designated for something else … but at least I had it). It’s a 99 F-250, and all the parts were original. Apparently I was just a few miles away from having my right front tire suddenly decide to part ways with the rest of the truck.

    I hope things work out for you. I understand housing woes, too … all too well.

  6. Java Jones says:

    I admire the way you plan things in your life. Sure, sometimes plans don’t work out for various reasons, but it’s good to have that direction to follow. I’m less of a planner. My life has been chaotic the past few years, with other people’s actions dictating what happens. Now is a good time to start making plans, as the situation is more favorable for us to be able to follow through with them. I wish you well in your endeavors. And congratulations on your new car!

    • Sassybear says:

      Nothing we have was gained easily or quickly. Everything required long range planning. We even made choices that will facilitate our retiring sooner than later. But sometimes we plan too much and fail to live for the moment.

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