So my car is totaled.

Three days ago, I was driving a perfectly good car, which I had completely paid for, we took good care of, I paid insurance for for 8 years, and should have lasted me several more years. Now, because of another persons irresponsible negligence, I have to go into debt for thousands of dollars and commit to a monthly payment for several years, and this person is under no legal obligation to bear the cost of any of it.


I think I’ve handled this all really well, though.  Despite being angry at this person and the fact that I was an innocent victim and I have to pay for it, what irks me more than anything are the people who keep saying “everything happens for a reason.” Not only is that a bunch of malarkey, but it is not the least bit comforting. Is it supposed to some how make me feel good about this  if I believe that some invisible force out there decided I needed to experience a terrifying event, have my car destroyed, my budget stretched to the max, miss time from work, and have to jump through a bunch of incredibly inconvenient and annoying hoops for the police, the insurance company, the car rental place, and now go car shopping? I can’t believe people really comfort themselves with this idiotic belief. I get that life is unfair, things happen randomly for no reason, people are irresponsible, and sometimes you just get to be the bug on the windshield, but I don’t get people thinking they’re being friendly or helpful by trying to shove their non-sensical beliefs down my throat. There is no reason to get cancer. there is no reason to have your house catch on fire. There is no reason to to be mugged or shot. There is no reason to have your children kidnapped, get fired or lose your hard earned paycheck. And there is no reason to get rear-ended and have your property destroyed while you’re sitting in traffic. None. I’m not saying you have to pout or be bitter or hate the world or let things destroy you, and if you can just accept, with grace and dignity, that these things happen, and move on from it, learn from it, grow from it …good for you. (Believe me, I’m trying.) But don’t go attributing random life crap to some mystical purpose. That’s just stupid.

Sometimes, sucky things happen, that we have no control over.

End of story.

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9 Responses to Un-reason-able

  1. Bad news for sure and a scary experience. I do agree these situations do suck. (I’ll shut up now before that Pollyanna part of my many personalities shows up.)

  2. Java Jones says:

    Oh man, I hate that condescending bulls**t. I also strongly dislike being in traffic accidents and shopping for cars. Sorry you’re in this situation.

  3. truthspew says:

    Part of the problem is cars are designed to crush to absorb the energy of a crash. Because of that one simple crash means a car is in general terms, totalled. And fixing unibody vehicles takes lots of specialized equipment that most places won’t buy.

  4. David says:

    When I saw the picture, I was afraid it was a right-off. Be pissed, rant and let the world know how you feel.

  5. becomingmenaturally says:

    Is her insurance covering anything for your totaled car? I know they never pay what it is worth and I know how much I hate car payments so I am sure your do also. It sucks ..no other words…it just sucks

  6. sluggy says:

    Even though your insurance declares your car “totaled” and gives you a cash payout, the car may be fixable and worth buying back from your insurance company.


    I am sorry your life sucks right now in this regard.

    I hate buying cars so I don’t envy you that whole process.
    And maybe think about setting up a car/emergency fund and tucking money away for the next car you will have to buy so you don’t have to buy it on time. 😎

  7. Urspo says:

    only sometimes? the trick is not to let the illusion of control win out.

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