What I love about Target:

Inclusiveness in the greeting card section. 


What I hate about Target:

Lazy shoppers obstructing parking spaces rather than walking the extra ten feet and putting the cart in the cart corral.


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6 Responses to Target

  1. sluggy says:

    Remember though that sometimes the shopper is handicapped(who park in the handicapped spots)and may not have the lung capacity/energy to actually return the cart after walking through a huge store and must abandon it at the parking spot.

    • Sassybear says:

      That may be true in some instances. But:
      A.) There’s no way the amount of carts abandoned in mid lot are all from people physically incapable of placing them in the proper location.
      B.) I’ve regularly witnessed able bodied people unload their carts then just shove them out of the way of their cars. It’s disgraceful.
      C.) A handicapped person can always ask a Target staff to help them to their car and take the cart away. I don’t believe a physical limitation absolves us from the responsibility. If we’re capable enough to drive to a store, shop, and get our stuff to and into our car, I’m sure we have the capability to find away not to just abandon a cart in the middle of a lot where it obstructs parking spots and risks rolling out in front of moving vehicles.

  2. Urspo says:

    I routinely round up stray carts between my parking and the store, and bring them in.

  3. becomingmenaturally says:

    Or better yet when the car beside you or the car in front of you leave their shopping cart leaning against your car. Really, was my car preventing you from walking the three feet to put the cart away.

  4. believe it or don’t I have never been inside a target. YAYZ for inclusiveness; it’s a rich market. and lazy slobs are everywhere, not just at your target.

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