Fourway Four Play


I figured it’s time to write up a post again.  But I’m clueless what to drone on about so, since it’s been a while since a played along with other bloggers and swiped a meme, I figured  I’d give this one a go (with Nods to Dr. “Doc Roc” SpoGirlfriend “Warrior Queen” AM.)

Four names I go by: Sassybear, Breenlantern, Boo….and Sir. (*giggle*)

Four tunes I adore: “Linus and Lucy” (The Peanuts Theme Song) by Vince Guaraldi; “Here’s Where I Stand” (from the soundtrack of CAMP) by Michael Gore and Lynn Ahrens; “I am what I am” by George Hearn (La Cage Aux Folles); The Theme song to “Wonder Woman” by Charles Fox (music) and Norman Gimbel (lyrics)

Four things I hate: Beets, Prejudice, Violence, My Body

Four places I have worked: in a now closed department store as a toy department clerk; at a local hotel chain as a maid; as a phone message facilitator at a beeper service (remember beepers?); in a local school as an educational assistant for special-needs students.

Four things I love to watch: my dogs doing anything; snow falling when I’m inside by the fire; the scale reflect a lower weight; naked men doing almost anything.

Four places I have visited: Toronto; San Francisco; New Orleans; Las Vegas

Four things I love to eat: Sushi, Peanut Butter Cups, Perfectly prepared steak, and *CENSORED*

Four favorite drinks: Cosmopolitan, Cosmopolitan, Cosmopolitan and Cosmopolitan (ha ha ha.) OK, yes, cosmos are my favorite cocktail (did ANYONE not know that yet?) but my next 4 favorite things to drink: Hot coffee with french vanilla creamer and Stevia, first thing in the morning; cold water after I’ve done any type of physical activity that makes me sweat; Hot cocoa when it’s cold, rainy or snowing; and my new favorite drink: red wine (Melbac and red blends, particularly)

Four shows/plays I love: “Kinky Boots” (the Movie or the Broadway show); “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”; “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (The series, not the movie); Almost any home renovation show on HGTV.

Four things I am happily anticipating: going to bed soon; a day of rest at home tomorrow with hubby and the dogs; celebrating Jim’s birthday next week; retirement

Four things I am dreading: finding a new urologist; packing up my house (IF we actually decide to put it on the market); getting on the scale tomorrow; Trump winning.

Four items on my bucket list: Learning ASL; meeting the rest of my blogger buddies; bagging one more promotion before I retire; doing a naked bike ride

Four people I think will respond: I’m not even sure four people still read my blog, given how seldom I post.

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16 Responses to Fourway Four Play

  1. David says:

    Fun read, my version will be my Sunday weekly meme

  2. Urspo says:

    thanks for playing along! I know ASL; I can teach you a few useful signs.

  3. Posts, damn spellcheck!….how did it get postcards?

  4. I may not read every day but you know that I do read all of your postcard, like AM, comment on most so don’t take us for grated dear….we love your Posts! Now start loving that body of yours, it’s yours and being yours it’s Beautiful!

  5. “Censored” ? Does that come with fries?

  6. concolor44 says:

    This is a pretty darn cool idea. I don’t have a blog, but I might run through this exercise on my Fanfiction profile. Heck, I even have Four Names I Go By (depending on context).

    Frankly, “Trump winning” really OUGHT to be on the Four Things I Am Dreading list of anyone with a functioning brain stem … which apparently DOESN’T include 32% of South Carolina’s Republican voters. Talk about a blown mind.
    I look at the field of candidates of both major parties and think, “Is this TRULY the best we can do? Does trying to figure out which candidate would do the least damage as Leader of the Free World actually represent how our republic works now?” I’m holding out for Bernie … but if he doesn’t win the nomination, I’ll hold my nose and vote AGAINST Trump. Hillary’s a dangerous, calculating, proto-tyrannical plutocrat, but she would, at a minimum, have a foreign policy that went beyond “You’re fired!”
    Please excuse my apprehension at what’s coming.

  7. Raybeard says:

    Well, here’s someone who always reads your blogs, S/b, and I’m absolutely positive that there’ll be more than just another three.

    You dislike beets? Although I love ’em I actually can understand those who don’t. As long as you can bear cauli and asparagus (my favourite veggies) – oh, and that ever-controversial one, sprouts – I won’t hold your beets antipathy against you.

    No idea what ‘peanut butter CUPS’ are but, liking p.b. enormously (natural, and without added sugar!), I’m sure it would get my approval.

    Yet to try a cosmo – so you know what my first request to you will be when I pop over there – however, pigs might well fly before that can happen, but one never knows.

    I’m also especially fond of ‘Joseph & …’. So many different styles of song within just an hour and a quarter or less, all beautifully crafted and with non-mundane, clever and sometimes funny lyrics.

    Could say more but I’d better give a chance to all those others who are now going to add their comments! Thanks for this little piece of self-revelation, S/b.

    • Sassybear says:

      There’s a story about beets – may be mostly psychosomatic, but I cringe at the sight and gag at the smell of them. I love all other veggies, including and especially broccoli and asparagus. I don’t like boiled sprouts, but I like ’em every other way they’re prepared.

      Peanut Butter cups (the most popular brand being Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups) are like a miniature pie shaped candy with a chocolate shell and a peanut butter filling.

      • Raybeard says:

        Those ‘cups’ sound like they are the mixture of sweet and savoury that some us are rather fascinated to find that so many Americans go for, but which we don’t like the sound of. (Wasn’t Elvis’ favourite sandwich peanut butter and jelly – the latter being what we’d call ‘jam’?) I dare say that if offered I’d try one, sugar content allowing.

        Sprouts prepared in ways other than boiling? I didn’t know there were any.

    • concolor44 says:

      If you get some fresh sprouts (I’m assuming you mean the Brussels variety, aka “baby cabbabbages”) and slice them vertically into 6-8mm thick sections, then lightly pan-sear them in a SMALL amount of your oil-of-choice (I like Mongolian Fire Oil, but that’s not for everyone) in a medium-hot iron skillet, sprinkling the result with some toasted sesame seeds and adding a little parmesan cheese once they’re plated … trust me, you’ll like them.

  8. wcs says:

    We’re still here!

  9. THIS girlfriend always reads your posts AND loves loves loves your cosmos! your past jobs – interesting; I did not know that about you!

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