Cold comfort

It was cold yesterday. Not a shock. It’s  New York. It’s January. It’s to be expected. Except it’s been unseasonably warm and snow-free and despite my best effort, I got used to it. Now I’m cold all the time, some of which, I’m convinced, is psychosomatic. Just knowing how cold it is outside makes me shiver. 

Last night, after getting home from work and  spending 2 hours assembling our new treadmill, we stopped for dinner (Roast Turkey Breast and steamed vegetables).  I just couldn’t get warm. It was too late in the night to start a fire, so I put on a sweatshirt, we turned up the heat, I grabbed the blanket, and I whipped up some Sugar Free Swiss Miss Cocoa, which I sipped from one of my new giraffe mugs (part of a set of four that I got for Christmas.) 

Ahhhhhhh! Definitely warned my bones. But this is what warned my heart:


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9 Responses to Cold comfort

  1. Mark in DE says:

    Those 2 little munchins could warm the coldest of days (or hearts). 😉

  2. truthspew says:

    We got for the first time this year our first snow dusting. Less than an inch of the shit. So it started melting and now it’s all icy. Fuck winter. I’m serious. I hate it.

  3. Them sure is some cute heart warmers!

  4. the new mugs are cute, as are you and the puppies. but you already knew that, right?

  5. Cute. And the dogs. I’ve bought a hot water bottle. London is freezing too.

  6. javabear says:

    Love the mug! I suppose you could have run on the treadmill for a while to warm up. Clint was cold last night, too. He snuggled up to me all night.

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