Twas the night before

I got all christmased up for Xmas eve breakfast and work today:

Jeffrey drove me to work, came and had lunch with me, then shiny out in my cubicle until it was time to go. It was cool.

We came home and took the dogs for their first ever New York Christmas Eve walk, in 70 degree weather:

When we got back, we finished up Christmas dinner and snack prep, then had dinner and watched “24 Nights.”

Next, we played holiday music and piled the gifts under the tree:

Now we’re enjoying a glass of wine and watching “Year without a Santa Claus” starting  my two favorite characters:

Then we’ll head to bed. Our poor puppies are just tuckered out from all the excitement:

Tomorrow should be a lot of fun!

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6 Responses to Twas the night before

  1. Mark in DE says:

    The last pic of Harvey and Rita Mae is SOOO precious!! Happy New Year to you, Jeffrey, and your furry friends.

  2. Urspo says:

    Writing on 25 December I am sure it was/is.

  3. Ron says:

    Merry Christmas!!

  4. Raybeard says:

    S/b, will you please just STOP getting ever more yummy! – Not least because your doggies are going to start getting ever so jealous.

    Btw: A Very Happy Xmas (again) from me to you and everyone chez toi on this Christmas morn (at 10 a.m.) Do have a happy-happy day!

  5. don’t YOU look handsome! merry yuletide to all the breens!

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