Happy 50th Charlie Brown

I’m excited to be watching this tonight:

This is my favorite Christmas special. I love Peanuts, and I have a growing collection of Peanuts Holiday decorations.
I always identified strongly with Charlie Brown. We are definitely two peas from the same pod.

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4 Responses to Happy 50th Charlie Brown

  1. I’ve always loved Charlie Brown. So much so that as a kid my father nicknamed me Snoopy. Last year at Comic-Con I lined up early every day to try to get a Golden Snoopy. Never got one as there were always too many other Peanuts fans in the line before me.

  2. out of all the “peanuts” specials, this is MY personal fave. for much of my life, I felt like the little “charlie brown tree”, but no more.

  3. wcs says:

    I watch two holiday specials each year (on DVD). One is The Homecoming: A Christmas Story, that movie from the early seventies that was the start of the Waltons tv series. The second is A Charlie Brown Christmas. Real estate! Enjoy!

  4. TheSpinMonkey says:

    charlie rocks

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