Train of Thought


 Jeffrey and I are on the train to NYC. 

Our friends, Jim (a mainstay at Breen Acres) and his hubby, Ken (aka “the guys”) won a raffle that included breakfast for 6 on Thanksgiving morning, hosted by a couple who live in a Manhattan apartment with a window that looks out over the route of the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
By now, you’ve probably realized the guys invited us to be two of the six, although long time readers might snarkily suggest we’re the kind of men who would just show up, uninvited, in the hopes they let us in. Please! Like we’d ever do that….
In the effort to maximize the trip, we are meeting the guys in NYC this morning and staying until Friday. We are all staying at the same hotel, and have plans, later today, to have dinner and see a show (Spring Awakening). It’s not out of the realm of possibility that cocktails may find their way past our lips at some point during the evening, as well.
Tomorrow we’ll meet 2 more friends for breakfast at the “raffled” apartment, then hang out in the city until our dinner reservations.
I’ve never not had Thanksgiving Dinner at home or at my Mom’s. I’ve never been in NYC for Thanksgiving. I’ve never had breakfast in a Manhattan apartment while watching the parade. I’ve never kissed Hugh Jackman. (Hey, all the other “nevers” are happening – I figured I’d throw that in, just in case.)
It should be an exciting trip, and we’re grateful to the guys for inviting us to share this adventure. I hope I get lots of Thanksgiving beads, as I plan on flashing as many people as possible on the parade route. 
That’s a thing, right?

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3 Responses to  Train of Thought

  1. Mark in DE says:

    I’m sure you will have a great time!!

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