Our Theme Song

Meet Jeffrey, who’s lived most everywhere,

From Southern States to Center Square. 

But Sassy’s only been as far

As places you can get by car

What a crazy pair! 
But they’re husbands

Identical husbands all the way. 

One pair of matching bookends, 

Different as night and day. 
Where Jeffrey adores Burgers ‘n buns

Ole Miss games, and Sonic runs

Our Sassy loves to comic shop

And cosmos really make him hop 

What a wild duet! 
Still, they’re husbands

Identical husbands and you’ll find, 

They laugh alike, they walk alike, 

At times they even talk alike — 
You can lose your mind, 

When husbands are two of a kind.

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7 Responses to Our Theme Song

  1. Freckles says:

    It’s a pity most TV shows don’t have theme songs anymore, I dare say you’d be quite successful at composing jingles.

  2. identical cousins – NOT! FABU composition; who is the author?

  3. Mark in DE says:

    Ha ha!! Very clever. 😉

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