Dog Eat Dog

I leave for work an hour earlier than Jeffrey. Every morning, Jeffrey gets up with me and makes us scrambled eggs for breakfast. He always takes a little bit and sets it aside for our dogs. The dogs wait patiently until we are both done eating, watching us closely. As soon as we both put our plates down, they run to the kitchen to get their eggs.

This morning, due to lack of planning, we only had one egg left. Jeffrey scrambled the egg, and set it aside for the dogs. He and I had cereal.

It didn’t strike me odd that we cooked and gave our only egg to the dogs, while both of us went without. I did find it a little funny, however, that it didn’t strike me odd at all. For all the love, affection and companionship they provide, they’ve well earned a little pampering and some sacrifice on our part.

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14 Responses to Dog Eat Dog

  1. We would do the same. Ours have a little egg daily.

  2. Urspo says:

    Our dog always begs for eggs but then never eats them. She does not learn.

  3. Mark in DE says:

    That’s so cute, and completely expected from anyone who knows you two. 🙂

  4. will jay says:

    You know you did the right thing. I found myself baking bread late at night when I realized that I’d run out of the ready made sliced bread and the beagles would be expecting their bit of toast in the morning,

  5. 3rdnlong says:

    I fully understand 🐾 🐾

  6. Jean-Paul says:

    I hope they were free range?

  7. Michael says:

    Years ago I was visiting my parents and eating cold cereal for breakfast when I smelled bacon cooking. My mother, it turned out, was making bacon for the feral cat that she fed on the back porch. She did not give the cat the extra bits, she made it special for a cat that was not even a pet.

  8. javabear says:

    That’s totally adorable. And I understand. It’s all about the dogs and their routine, and your love for them.

  9. Raybeard says:

    Very easy to understand your giving up your last egg, S/b. No one with a heart could decline those eagerly expectant, ice-melting looks at you.

  10. Raybeard says:

    Can very easily understand you giving away your only egg, S/b – and with eager, expectant, ice-melting faces like those above how could anyone with a heart NOT do so?

  11. sluggy says:

    And who says dogs can’t be your kids?
    Rita and Harvey have you well trained sir…..lolz

  12. not funny at all. you gave the kids what they love. just remember to pick up some eggs on the way home today for breakfast tomorrow…for ALL of you!

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