Working It


When the external world gets too much, it can be very healing to focus your attention in-ward…or at least, closer to home. So this morning, in an effort to distract myself from the dark clouds of my mind, and believing leaving the safe confines of my home wasn’t the best idea, I joined my husband in doing some much needed yard work.

It was a beautiful fall morning: bright despite being a mostly sunless sky, cool without being cold, fresh and crisp without being damp. Perfect weather for what promised to be sweaty, laborious  work.

We have an area on the opposite side of our semi enclosed patio for storing yard equipment, firewood and, until this morning, all the debris that we’ve removed from the rest of the yard.  We need to order more firewood, and needed to clear this space so we had a place to put it, so this morning, we broke up and bagged copious amounts of branches, rose bush brambles (damn, those thorns hurt) and matted bunches of old leaves. Then we whipped out the power saw and cut up the larger branches for burning in the fire place. We also cut up some old fence slats that had since been replaced, some plastic garden edging strip to put in the recycling bin, and raked off the leaves from the patio.  (I don’t believe in raking and bagging leaves, although the guys from our lawn service do come once in the fall and clean up the bulk of them as part of our service.)

I always feel better when I am productive, and complete a task that I know needs doing. The time outside, the fresh air, the exercise, the distraction, and the accomplishment lifted my spirits somewhat and I was able to come in and enjoy some down time watching some favorite shows we had recorded and cuddling with the dogs. I’m not sure I’m really up for our plans out tonight (dinner and “Ragtime” with my Mom and Cousin), or that the clouds have fully parted, but I’m in a better mood and frame of mind than I was this morning, so here’s hoping it all goes well.


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10 Responses to Working It

  1. sluggy says:

    Sean, email me when you get a chance. I have some comics if you want them, some weird stuff tho. lolz

  2. concolor44 says:

    I’m glad to hear that the exercise in that fine weather (may we have some of that weather? please?) helped improve your outlook.

    I’m also glad to hear that you don’t make a habit of raking leaves. Not very many people are aware of this, but in the long term, leaf litter is necessary for a healthy tree. This comes from the Molybdenum Cycle. Here is an article on the topic:

    I don’t bag up my leaves. I rake them toward the tree and leave them there.

    Here’s hoping you have more days like this one!

    • Sassybear says:

      We’ve never been big fan of raking leaves, but we saw this article prior to your comment and it convinced us not to start. If we get a chance, we will use our mower to mulch the leaves prior to our lawn service clean up day.

  3. wcs says:

    Yard work is always very therapeutic. Except when it’s not. 🙂 Seriously, the feeling of accomplishment and improving my surroundings always gives me a little high.

  4. Urspo says:

    I am mad-jealous you have a real fireplace with real wood.

  5. perhaps you needed the exercise to stimulate your brain chemistry. YAYZ if it worked!

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