Attack of the Panic

Sometimes, life is too overwhelming, and I have to cancel all my plans and stay inside, tucked away from the world and other people. Sometimes that helps…


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6 Responses to Attack of the Panic

  1. concolor44 says:

    … I don’t really have that as an option.

  2. javabear says:

    Yep. I had a day like that earlier this week. Hope you feel stronger now.

  3. Don’t forget, everything is a cycle. You may be in the middle of anxiousness at the moment but it too will cycle away just as it cycled on. The world turns. Hug.

  4. Kelly says:

    I feel your pain. This has been the worst year for me with anxiety and other issues. Nothing like staying curled up in bed with the pups and just let the world go by quietly… Hang in there!

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