Vegas, Baby.

Soooooo…..Jeffrey and I just booked a flight and hotel and we’re going to Las Vegas in February 2016. Neither of us have been to LV, and this will be my second time on an airplane. I’m excited to have a mid-winter trip planned, and to be going to a new place to explore.

Now to figure out which rhinestone-studded clothes to pack.

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11 Responses to Vegas, Baby.

  1. Mike in LAS says:

    Rhinestone jacket. Remember to bring a jacket. We wrap our cacti in burlap until about March, you should be wrapped up too! Here’s a list of great things to check out while visiting our fair city:

    Exotic Heritage Museum – very much worth the trek. Located behind the strip on Industrial Road

    Double Down Saloon – in the “fruit loop,” but not a gay bar. Dive bar whose slogan is “You Puke, You Clean.”

    Michael Jackson One – Show by Cirque Du Soleil
    Pricey show, but if your’e going to see a show in Las Vegas, this is the one. Don’t sit close to the stage, back of house gives you the best view of the entire room – there is action out of the ceiling as well as the stage! You’ll be blown away by the hologram of Michael Jackson (insider note: The hologram Michael Jackson is a trans woman).

    Snick’s (now called Bastille) – Downtown gay bar in the Arts District.

    Art’s District

    Downtown Las Vegas (where your’s truly works). Las Vegas’ original hotel and casino – Golden Gate opened in 1906. Still stands and a totally retro Las Vegas Experience. First phone installed in Las Vegas on display as well – the number “1.” Try Du-Par’s Restaurant and Bakery inside Golden Gate which has the Best Pancakes In American (according to Esquire Magazine).

    Pinche’s Tacos in Container Park – Downtown

    Ethel M’s Cactus Garden (The matriarch of the M&M Mars family) This is a really cool display of cacti and FREE SAMPLES!

    Neon Museum – see the bones of Las Vegas’ past.

    National Atomic Testing Museum – Hey, Nevada did it’s part!

    Burlesque Hall of Fame – Inside The Beat Coffee House downtown. Not your tacky “showgirl” display, but the sexy, seductive side of classy dames. Even we gay guys can appreciate this museum.

    Hoover Dam

  2. David says:

    Great fun town, enjoy.

  3. rjjs8878 says:

    If you stay at the Four Seasons you can bring your dogs. You should check out the Neon Museum.

  4. WiGuy says:

    When i go I love to gamble (within reason), eat and stroll around watching the spectacle of drunks on parade. People watching can be ever so much fun!

  5. Mark in DE says:

    I’ve been to Vegas twice even though I don’t gamble. Its like Disney World for adults. You picked a great time, as it will be bitter cold where you live but warm in Vegas. Enjoy!

  6. Brilliant. I’ve been only once. You’ll love it.

  7. Urspo says:

    Avoid wickedness and shun Lost Vegas.
    Say, that is four hours drive away, can I come and visit you?

    • Sassybear says:

      Do you even have to ask? We actually had hoped to plan a Phoenix/Las Vegas trip, but a 4 day weekend opened up to us, so we’re doing just LV this time around.

  8. never been to LV myself. but how exciting! at least it will be warmer than your town. who will take care of the furkids?

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