Keep on keeping on

Due to a compilation of work and health stresses that all converged, a couple weeks ago, on a joint moment of immediacy (i.e. “This must be taken care of now”) I found myself in familiar emotional territory – overwhelmed, anxious, angry, and questioning whether and how I could get through it. It would have been hard enough to deal with either work or health – having to deal with both, simultaneously, taxed me greatly.

It is a common idiom that “that which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” Were that literally true, I’m fairly certain I could bench press a house. I fear that, more likely, I have a limited amount of coping ability and each challenge chips away at my reserve. When things crash, it seems to hit me harder, last longer, and have farther reaching negative effects. 

I worry about how low I get, and how much harder it gets to plow through; but worrying gets me nowhere so,  despite everything, I just keep plugging along, hoping the same momentum and stubbornness that has gotten me this far, will keep me going.

Sometimes, the only choice we have is to keep on going. 

And so I do.

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