Super Shows


It’s a great time to be a comic book fan.

The season premiers of Arrow, The Flash and Marvel’s Agents of Shield have aired, Supergirl premiers at the end of October,  and I’m eagerly awaiting Season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix, and upcoming Netflix series Luke Cage (Power Man), Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Defenders.

And that’s just television!

I’ve seen all of the Superman, Batman, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Avengers and X-Men films.

The next Captain America, Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy should be coming along in theaters soon, too. I’m also hoping for an Ant-Man sequel, and a remake of my main man, Green Lantern.

I dreamed of being, or seeing, Superheroes as a child, and have continued my love affair with comic book caped crusaders through to adulthood. It was a thrill to see so many characters animated in cartoons throughout the years, and I was a huge fan of the live action shows like Batman, Green Hornet, Wonder Woman, Shazam and the Hulk TV series, as well as The Greatest American Hero, Bionic Man and Bionic Woman, Isis, Manimal, Automan and Man from Atlantis.

To see even more of my heroes come alive on the small and big screens, as well as new and different super powered individuals (Buffy, Heroes, Alphas)  with amazing special effects, is a thrill beyond words.

They’re not all guaranteed hits, but I’ll take the good with the bad, so bring it on!

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