Land of the Lost

Having spent the bulk of the weekend up in my comic book room, buried in comic books, I kind of feel like I “missed out” on the weekend.

The GL Room, back to order.


I feel productive, but also feel like I missed out on valuable time with my friends, husband and dogs, not to mention the unending “to do” list around the house. I am cursed to alway play the “what else could I have done with this time” game. No matter what I do, I always wonder if I should have used my time doing other things. Having said that, I feel very productive, and stopped early enough to enjoy dinner, cocktails and some favorite TV shows with my family. All-in-all, not the worst weekend.

None the less,  I wish it had been longer. (“That’s what HE said.”)

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3 Responses to Land of the Lost

  1. Mark in DE says:

    “what else could I have done with this time” could be said after doing nearly anything! Some weekends are productive while others are lazy and relaxing. Trust yourself and feel confident that you know how to spend your time wisely.

  2. but the room looks so neat and inviting! you spent time on something you love. I never regret my knitting time!

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